Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Silver White Winters that Melt into Spring.

i've never taken up more space than i do right now, what with a tiny human and a massive stroller accompanying me wherever i go. and ironically, i've never felt more invisible on the streets of my city.
so weird. some people are hyper aware of the baby, stopping to ask me how old she is or where i got her hat. others pointedly glare at us for either taking up too much room on the streetcar/sidewalk/grocery aisle or simply for existing, sometimes even talking about us into their mobiles as though i couldn't hear or understand what they were saying.
"ugh. omg, i'm sorry i'm gonna be a few minutes late. i'm stuck behind this total slow walker and her fucking baby."

anyway. i walked from work on the east side to my home on the west side during rush hour tonight.
big. fucking. mistake.
never mess with commuters in business attire and galoshes who might be late for a train back to Snoresville.
but on a very bright note i got to work today ($$$) and it was an unseasonably warm last day of january.
T-two weeks till Serena and i are on an overnight flight to the sun. yipeekayay muthahfuckah.

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