Wednesday, April 22, 2009

mexico not in north america, apparently.

it came as a surprise to me too, and i got an A in geography.

if you have a telus phone and you have a north america roaming package and you travel to mexico during the interminable canadian winter, and you decide to use your blackberry's data services, well...don't.

it will cost you $65 per megabyte used. and if you use it a lot, you just might get a $2047.00 bill for just two weeks in mexico.
for real.
but only if you don't use the phone for occasional checking in. then it might only cost you $1889.00... that's right. the phone is cheaper!

mexico is not in north america, and don't let a map try and tell you otherwise.
(those NAFTA folks will be pretty shocked when i tell them!)

Telus doesn't even support the iphone.
why am i with them again?

i could just scream. in fact, i think i will.


that didn't help.

so, to re-cap:
mexico is NOT in north america.



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